Marketing Analytics

Measurably improve your marketing performance with
advanced analytics services & actionable insights.

Customer Journey is no longer single threaded and linear, it is fragmented and customers are connected all the time. The customer experience has evolved from web-based to app-based to a true omni channel experience.

We help you truly understand the nature of your customers and their engagement with your business. Advanced analytics, data integration and enrichment of your data and recommendation engine to supercharge your marketing, all on a powerful, unifying platform.

Modern marketing relies on data, we can all agree.

So it is not strange that the customer data platform (CDP) is gaining momentum faster than any other marketing technology, even though many marketers are not yet familiar with the technology.

CDPs by function centralizes all data from multiple customer touch-points [online and offline] for advanced modeling helping brands to follow the customer journey across multiple platforms and devices.

Key Capabilities:

  • Measurement and Optimization
  • Scoring and Segmentation
  • Aerial Targeting
  • Prospecting or Look-alike modeling
  • RFM and CLTV Analysis
  • Google Analytics + BigQuery Services

Customer Data Platform

CDP transforms the way organisations understand and engage with customers and prospects. Integrating into your enterprise technology cloud architecture, our CDP analyses and contextualises customer data in real-time, enabling you to react to the behaviours of each individual; delivering customers’ expectations for personalised experiences. We provide the data modelling and aggregation platform with inbuilt master data management solutions to generate a single view of a customer and suite of tools to increase the quality of your data across multiple sources.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Our next generation enterprise-grade analytics help businesses perform in an agile way. Our analytics are coupled with big data, social media and mobility features that help to deliver faster and improved business outcomes. Business Intelligence & Analytics services for Cloud users. Business Intelligence, data analytics, dashboards/visualisation and reporting to explore, share, and gain insight on organisational data.