Data Science and Engineering

Empower Decision making in your organization based on powerful analytics and data science insights curated
by a team of our world renowned data scientists and industry experts.

Helping customers fight the Sisyphean task of staying relevant in the 21st century with rapidly changing technologies and execution of business. Bespoke analytics to deep dive into the details of what makes your business tick and grasp actionable insight


Our Data Experts assist you with strategy and tools that helps both business and data teams, all the way from engineering robust data pipelines to collate data from siloed systems and endless spreadsheets to making the data analysis ready and brewing insights

  1. Identify and understand the pain points
  2. Develop use cases
  3. Time-boxed experiment
  4. Production
Machine LearningReal-time data streaming and processing
Data Visualization – Dashboards and ScorecardsBatch data processing
Predictive Modeling and Data MiningData Lakes
IoT AnalyticsData Warehousing

Modern Data Platform

We provide data platform and support services to plan, setup and migrate large-scale data solutions hosted in the public cloud (AWS/Azure/GCP). This includes building out iterative Alpha, Beta, Live deployments for Data Marts, Vaults and Lakes. Focusing on citizen/customer centric solutions requiring analysis and matching to produce golden records.

Machine Learning Arbitrage in the cloud

Organizations are looking to leverage cloud based machine learning frameworks to improve business processes. Our clou- based service enables the ability to do Machine Learning Arbitrage between CloudML services. The benefit it brings is the ability to execute machine learning workloads in a cost effective and best of breed way

Data Engineering

Data engineering provides data scientists with tools for accessing data to derive insight. This can transform the way organizations deliver data science. We can deploy scalable infrastructure capable of processing data-streams that support in-memory machine-learning, enabling real-time predictions. We advise on cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud

Data Integration on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

Our Cloud Data Integration services on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) enables Data Integration to, from and within the cloud. Data can be integrated from numerous different systems, allowing for seamless data flows including real-time integration. Existing tools are used, or Cloud Data Integration software can be provided and hosted.

Azure Data Platform Services

Microsoft Gold Partner delivering consulting services and solutions based on Microsoft’s Azure data platform with Power BI as front end reporting and Data Science for enhanced analytics ; Project Management, Requirements Analysis, Design and Architecture, Development, Implementation, Hosting and/or Deployment, Training / Coaching, Service Management, Help Desk / Support.

Data Governance on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Our specialists offer Data Governance Service on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Agile extensive experience assisting clients across all sectors in developing Data Governance strategies to support their projects. Agile Solutions will design and promote a Data Governance framework to support an organization on their data journey